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about us

As 3DenTech Company, we bring the technologies of the new age together with our business partners with an innovative and solution-oriented approach. 

We offer 3D printers and resins specially designed for industries, especially the dental industry.

Our aim is about Digital Dentistry; To contribute to the creation of an ecosystem where dentists and dental technicians can produce more easily, quickly and at low cost.

As 3DenTech, we work with a satisfaction-oriented vision, with the awareness that real service consists of quality products and after-delivery service.

We help you produce with Better Quality, faster, easier and at lower cost!

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Superior Performance

To enable users to access the products they need quickly and accurately with the best results.


Best Quality

A quality product brings quality results. That's why our first focus in all products is to supply users with the best in their field .




To provide the right products and the right services.

To ensure that our business partners are confident about our brand and company by offering the best with honesty and sincerity.



Easy access to every product and service needed. To always stand by the users with technical support and product support whenever they need, even after the product supply, with any problem they encounter.


Lower costs

To support users to reduce their costs with the right product, the right price approach.

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